Podcast 13

Episode 107 - “Implosion”

March 20, 2019

This week, a real-life, really-lost samurai sword changes everything we thought we knew about Artie. We consult Dr. Nyri Bakkalian, an award-winning author, artist, and military historian who helps us understand the Honjo Masamune. Our opening segment shows our appreciation for writer Bob Goodman, and we shine two Actor's Spotlights: one on Mrs. Frederic's Bodyguard (Jung Yul Kim) and another on James MacPherson (Roger Rees). Heavy themes include the complexities of WWII, including Jillian's further reflections building on last week's discussion of Jewish representation. Plus, there's an Eddie McClintock Easter egg this episode -- can you find his voiceover cameo? As always, visit our website and look forward to our show notes!

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